Zooca® The Calanus Company cooperates with ArcticSource1 in the US

Pressemelding –

Zooca® (Calanus AS), the producer of a wide variety of products based on the Norwegian zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus, has entered into a distribution agreement for the US market with ArcticSource1 LLC.

The agreement covers high quality marine oils, proteins and powders based on a wild, sustainably harvested zooplankton from north of the polar circle. These products are most suitable for the premium supplement, pet and functional food markets.

ArcticSource1’s focus is on natural nutrition found in the cold Arctic waters which makes the oil and protein products from Zooca® based on a unique resource a perfect addition to our existing Arctic portfolio,” says Jan Haakonsen, Sales and Marketing Director of ArcticSource1. “I am truly excited about offering these high quality, natural products at SupplySide West 2022,” he adds.

“Zooca® has since its inception focused on preserving the original and amazing nutritional value found in this plentiful strain of zooplankton, Calanus finmarchicus, and initial clinical trials indicate significant and exceptional health benefits,” says Siv-Katrin Ramskjell. She continues, “I am delighted that ArcticSource1 saw and understood the value of this unique and pure resource and wants to help us bring this to the American market.”

North America is the single largest market for protein powders and supplements rich in marine fatty acids, such as omega-3 products. The market demand for “easy to consume” products and “combination products” containing multiple nutritional ingredients requires high quality, innovative and effective ingredients. That is why both Zooca® and ArcticSource1 expect leading nutritional companies in the US to be excited about these new products.

At SupplySide West In Las Vegas from October 31 th to November 4th you will find Zooca® at Artic Source’s booth, number 4283.


Zooca® has developed a new bio marine value chain based on the sustainable harvesting of the marine crustacean Calanus finmarchicus, the largest renewable animal resource in the Norwegian Sea. The company develops, manufactures and sells unique functional health and nutrition products. The company’s products currently consist of Zooca® Lipids / Zooca® Original which are sold for human consumption, as also includes Zooca® Hydrolysate, Zooca® Powder and Zooca® Seafrozen which are sold as important feed ingredients to the aquaculture industry within production of salmon, marine fish and shrimp. The company’s head office is in Tromsø, and its branch office and factory are located in Sortland.

ArcticSource1 LLC, founded in 2010 by Jan Haakonsen, has the expressed focus of sales and marketing of marine ingredients from the Nordic region to the USA. The company offerings include a full range of natural Omega-3 products, innovative fish protein products, organic kelp, chitosan and other specialized ingredients from the sea.

For more information, please contact:  

ArcticSource1 LLC Jan Haakonsen tel + 1 719 201 4641 

Zooca® (Calanus AS) Siv-Katrin Ramskjell tel +47 901 94 149