Zooca® (Calanus AS) and Golden Omega partner for the North American market. Golden Omega USA to bring unique Calanus® oil-based products from Zooca in Norway to the North American Market

Pressemelding –

Golden Omega USA to bring unique Calanus® oil-based products from Zooca in Norway to the North American Market.

Zooca and Golden Omega are excited to unveil their strategic partnership, bringing together Zooca’s innovative zooplankton-based products and Golden Omega’s extensive network in the North American market. This partnership will enable Zooca to expand its reach and bring its unique Calanus Finmarchicus-based products to a wider audience. In turn, Golden Omega will add a new, cutting-edge zooplankton oil to its product portfolio, featuring a one-of-a-kind lipid profile including Omega-3s, Policosanols, and a high
concentration of Astaxanthin.

Golden Omega, a leading supplier of high-purity and quality Omega-3 concentrates made from South Pacific anchovy, has solidified its position in the North American market in just a few short years. The company has recently expanded its offerings to include vegan Omega-3 products, further solidifying their commitment to providing customers with a wide range of options to meet their dietary needs.

Golden Omega announced today the addition of a new product line to its portfolio. The new line, developed by Zooca, is based on the zooplankton Calanus Finmarchicus, a marine resource and boasts a strong sustainability background.

«We are thrilled to offer this new, distinctive product line to our clients in North America,» said Claudio Aracena, Commercial Director for Golden Omega S.A. «Our commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable products with exceptional customer service has been the key to our success over the last 10 years. The addition of Zooca’s products aligns perfectly with our mission and we are excited
for the opportunities it will bring.»

Zooca, a Norwegian company, is proud to make accessible their revolutionary new product line together with Golden Omega. Through extensive research and development, the company has been able to document the numerous health and nutritional benefits of this unique product. Its natural composition makes it an ideal option for improving metabolic health in consumers. The company has clinical trials to support the products and is enthusiastic to bring this innovative product to the market and help people improve their health and wellness.

“Zooca is very excited to start a commercial alliance with Golden Omega S.A and its subsidiary in the USA. Zooca has always been dedicated to maintaining the exceptional nutritional value in our Zooca products. Recent clinical trials have revealed significant health benefits from consuming our unique Zooca Lipids product. We are thrilled that Golden Omega recognizes the potential of this
exceptional, high-quality resource and is eager to assist us in introducing it to the American market» says Ole Sakkestad Chief Sales Officer at Zooca.


Founded in 2008 and entering the nutraceutical market in 2012, Golden Omega is a Chilean the raw material source have resulted in products that have superior purity and unique value proposition ion the Omega-3 market.